One Application, So Many Uses

VideoConferencing has always been a cost effective solution when the people wanting to meet are not at the same location. Especially now, with the convergence of technologies allowing high quality at a very low cost. See some of the most popular solutions below.

Job Search executivesearch_banner-466

Executive Search is one of the most appropriate uses of Video Conferencing. Why fly candidates at great cost for every meeting, when a VideoConference will put the parties face-to-face? Learn More >>

Legal legal_banner_466

Most jurisdictions around the world are now allowing depositions and expert testimony to be held over VideoConference. This allows attorneys to conduct these sessions from their own offices. Learn More >>

Business Business-Banner-466

From team management, remote staff, different offices & more, professionals are more efficient when they can save time and costs from travel and can have more effective meeting face to face. Learn More >>

Health Care healthcare_banner_466

These days, it is increasingly more difficult to cost-effectively place patients in front of Doctors. Use HIPAA compliant VideoConference technology to do just that, at high quality and  minimal cost. Learn More >>

Education education2_banner_466

Sometimes an educator is not at the same location as the students. Sometimes students are not able to come to class. Sometimes a Teacher needs to teach into several classrooms at one time. Learn More >>



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