VideoConference Connections when and where you need them.

Connexus is a total VideoConference Service solutions provider in both Traditional VideoConference and New Paradigm technologies. We offer access to public Video Conference locations in the USA and throughout the world and facilitate the inter-connection of different types of endpoints and networks.

Connecting people through a nexus of technologies was the premise upon which Connexus was founded in 1989. Connexus recognizes that Users want to conduct remote meetings without regard to the technology and they just want it to work. Connexus assists in this goal by understanding all current technologies and presenting the best combination to its customers for the application at hand.

This is an exciting time in our industry. So much is now possible, at a level of quality and at a price level unheard of in prior years.

Whatever your conferencing needs or industry, Connexus is here to help. No video conferencing equipment or experience necessary. Our Team can orchestrate your meetings with hands-on support and planning precision or set you up with your own On-Demand Subscription. We will make your experience effortless.

Request a Quote, use our Room Locator to find a VideoConference Public Room near you, or contact us via email or connect immediately to a live representative at 1-800-938-8888.


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