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You can Become Part of the New High Quality Video Conferencing Paradigm using Connexus-on-Demand

What is Web-Based Video Conferencing?

Web-Based Video Conferencing is a relatively new phenomenon. It refers to Video Conferencing that takes place from an endpoint which can be a computer or mobile device. On the other hand, Appliance-Based Video Conferencing occurs on an appliance which is normally installed in a meeting room, can do little else and is dedicated to the task. Both appliances and endpoints can use the internet to connect with other locations but only an appliance can use ISDN as a primary connection source.

What are the limitations?

Appliances and endpoints cannot talk directly to each other as they speak different ‘languages’. Appliances talk H.323 (internet) or H.320 (ISDN) and endpoints talk the proprietary language programmed into the specific software they are using.

How does Connexus overcome the limitations ?

The important thing is that, despite the communications impediments mentioned above, users of all types of appliances and endpoints should be able to connect over different types of networks with each other seamlessly and at high quality with ease of use and strong security.

This is what Connexus does. We enable cross-communication between different types of devices over different types of networks and, of course, between the same type of device.

Scenarios enabled by Connexus

  • Old Polycom device on an ISDN network wants to connect to an iPhone.
  • Windows PC wants to connect to a Mac.
  • Five or more different types of devices want have a meeting together.
  • Cisco appliance wants to host a training session to 300 viewers on their browsers.
  • Corporation needs an interactive multi-point with hundreds of participants.
  • Doctor wants to consult with a remote patient, with HIPAA security.
  • Presenter wants to see all his remote participants but only wants them to see him.
  • Music teacher wants to give remote guitar lessons from an iPad .
  • Event Planner wants CEO to speak to remote employees and record the presentation.
  • …and many more.

Why Connexus ?

We believe that people are more important than technology. We are here to listen to your expectations and goals and help you decide which options are best to incorporate into your workflows. Once you have started using our service, we are available to help you use it most effectively and assist with any problems you may experience.

A great Video Conference experience, at an affordable price, is just a click away.

Whatever your industry, Connexus has a videoconferencing solution for you. By utilizing Connexus-On-Demand you can be part of a high quality video conference easily from a computer, iOS device or traditional Video Conference system without capital expense. The VideoConference Paradigm has finally shifted in your favor.

Connexus-on-Demand utilizes Vidyo’s prize-winning implementation of the H.264/SVC Video Conference Protocol and offers service at variable price points.

Connexus is an authorized Customer Service Provider (CSP) for Vidyo and has been providing VideoConference Services since 1989. We have the experience to help you join the videoconferencing revolution.

Minimum Requirements for Web-Based Conferencing

It doesn’t take much to have a high quality video conference. You can probably use the equipment you already have…

  • A computer* with a webcam & microphone
  • An iOS* or Android* mobile device
  • Connection to the Internet.
*must be operating with Vidyo's minimum system requirements

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